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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Mothma'am Oct 3, 2013 @ 12:21pm
Khajiit Quest (mod request)
So I got the idea while doodling a khajiit in class today.

I was thinking of a quest where you help out a khajiit who's caravan has been brutally murdered.

You're travelling around Skyrim (On the outskirts of a city, because khajiits are rarely allowed inside city walls) and suddenly a khajiit runs up to you and begs for your help. You ask, "Calm down, tell me what happened." She/he explains his/her caravan was brutally attacked and murdered the night before and she/he is the only survivor. If you agree to help them they will have them follow you. When you reach the camp where the caravan was murdered you investigate. You find a journal on one of the khajiit corpses and gives you information on previous events before the attack occurred to give you a clue to what or who might of murdered them. After reading, give the journal to the living khajiit.

Then the rest is up to the person who wants to create this mod. You can have like a plot twist like the khajiit murdered his/her caravan or they were attacked by werewolves. I dunno.

Also, if you make the khajiit a female I'd like to voice her. If you want to choose someone else that's alright with me.

(This is also posted on Nexus forums)
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