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Sierain 1 Sep 12, 2013 @ 6:11am
[REL] Jurgholm

About the mod

Jurgholm is a content mod, adding a late game multi-cell dungeon with a questline. The aim of the mod is to add gameplay hours without conflicting with any other mods while being loyal to the base game.


Designed for players starting a new game and/or expanding the game by installing other content mods. Installing the mod does not force or guide the player towards the questline or other content of the mod, as it is meant to be a natural part of the game. It's even possible to access most of the content without any clue of the quest, though it might be hard without knowing the details.

Parts of the mod are darker than average, since Skyrim offers very little use for light spells and abilities.

The mod is meant for late game (level 50+ is recommended and level 25 is REQUIRED to start the quest). It is also more challenging than base Skyrim and includes elements that might "break the rules" of the usual level design, save often!

Some features:

- A fully voiced new questline
- About a dozen new detailed cells
- New spells
- New items
- Scripted battles

Dependencies and installation

The mod requires the following master files:
- Skyrim.esm
- Update.esm (Version

Any DLC or other mods are not required.

Install by placing the two files (Jurgholm.esp and Jurgholm.bsa) into the folder: Skyrim\Data (or by subscribing via Steam Workshop)

About the author

I started working on this mod in March 2012. The idea was to make a simple small dungeon to see a bit how the Creation Kit works. I was planning on using a month to make the mod at most. Things got out of hand pretty fast, as the first cell's initial design got way too big. The mod got larger and larger and finally took somewhere around 700 hours and over a year to make. I was planning on going without a voice actor or a quest giver since the beginning, but eventually thought the mod had enough content to make it worth the trouble.

This is my first time modding any TES game or using TES Construction Set or the Creation Kit.

Mod by Sierain
Voice acting by Natenator77

Downloads and additional information

Steam Workshop
Skyrim Nexus[]
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