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simeon527 Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:01pm
Epic Qest
An idea I have but don't know how to make. Anyone interested?

An epic quest where you go off to find a some dragon eggs. But before you can hatch them the wizard that sent you on the quest reminds you that they are still dragons and so sends you on quest to find the neccisary things needed to make an amulet to controll them. You will also need to kill two dragons to bind the souls of them into the object.
But wait this means you have to go on yet another quest to find a dwarven device that dates back a few thousand years presuming the wizard has his reserch correct. This device can actually hold a dragon soul and bind it into an item.
And finally you need to bring the eggs to the top of some kind of mounton durring a full moon and then say the magic words. But there are a few angry spirits who are awoken and don't like the idea of you defying nature and disterbing there rest. And so before you and the wizard can say the magic words and compleat the dark rights you have to fight an army of undead nords bent of stopping you. When you compleat the quest you are left with a amulet that lets you sumon the two dragons to aid you in battle . . . or you know maybe terrorising a local vilage just for the lolz.

Some miner ajustents to power of the dragons to make it reflect the amount of questing but also to make them less op that I have.
Make it so they attack anyone except the person waring the amulet. This would be incentive for the players to only use it when there is a good reason to.
Also make it so when you aquip them the sky gets all dark and thunder exc to reflect the idea that you used dark magic to make it work.
Make it so that when you take the amulet off, the dragons go away.

I would not even know where to begin with making this so don't ask me. I just came up with the idea.
Date Posted: Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:01pm
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