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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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a few ideas
I have a few ideas of mods to make but no clue on how to make them or even where to start.
my few ideas are

a magical, portable arcane enchanter

a magic shield, that absorbs attracts

the day of the dead, with in a certain time, all you kill become skeletons and find you at whiterun

now in more detail:
The arcane enchanter
No, it is not the table. I was thinking of a spell that takes mana per second, and the symbols on the table form around you like the table but just underneath you, each enchantment or disenchantment takes some time but now you don’t have to wait until you find a table.

Magic shield
So this shield will stop all damage, for a bit, it will absorbs all magic- thou you lose magica as much as it would to cast said spell, and all melee, you will lose stamina equal to your heath lose if it hit.
The kicker is that a spell in you right hand, will be able to shot/swing/throw any attack that hits the shield, so you can shoot an arrow, then a fireball, then a sword slash.
This might be too ambitious but if you could think of a more simplified version of that, that is more do able, I would thank you greatly.

Day of the dead
So you talk to a new npc, and then everyone you kill( before you quit the game), go to sleep at whiterun, then outside, for each person you killed, will be the same number of skeletons waiting for you.
Note does not count for undead, or reanimated. Just so you can have fun killing people twice and give you a challenge, since now you are fighting an army instead of small groups.
Now any help, hints, tips or more plausible versions you could give me, I would be ever thank full, and I am new at modding so I don’t know how to do crap.

i have plans for a huge underground city, with my own npc, but that will probably be only after i get good at modding
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