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Zitrus 1 Feb 6, 2013 @ 2:14am
How do i do these things in portal 2 create a chamber?
First off, i appologize if im putting this in the wrong place or this has already been done or something similar.

So i got portal 2 for pc a couple days ago, and desided i should give making a chamber a go, i started of pretty basic, and i like what i have so far, although, i would like to add bombs to my chamber, now here my question, how do i get bombs? I've done other custom chambers that use bombs and i have no idea how, maybe its something i have to download? anyway, if anyone knows, it would be great to let me know! thanks. :D

P.S I've also seen chamber with different themes (like the old chambers and such) and also have no idea how to do this, and one more thing, how do i make doors to other chambers without the chamber ending, so if you know that would also be great, but the bombs are my priority at the moment, and alos any other tips like this is always appresiated! thanks again, happy portaling!
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