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Perplexus Maximus Single Player Map
I challenge thee to a conundrum worthy of the forum!

Here, in my first-ever publicly-made single player map (that was built using only the in-game builder) is a test that will certainly perplex any who dare challenge it. Not to boast, but it is a difficult puzzle that I would very much appreciate if someone were to try for theirself. It took nearly 15 hours to construct and test and actually uses every piece possible for making a map.

In Perplexus Maximus, players must objectively analyze each step of this 3 part puzzle map. The main elements include a light bridge, the control of a companion-like cube and ball, and TIMERS.

Yes, timers. These clocks are meant to allow only the minimum amount of time (+1 or 2 seconds) to perform its purpose, and some are used multiple times for different purposes. It's a theme I've attempted in the past, but in this map, I'm (overly) proud to say it's been executed near perfectly!

Thank you, and good luck fellow forumers, test builders, and/or robotic humanoids!

(Feedback is great for the fun of it and yes, this map has been cheat-tested multiple times.)

Date Posted: Feb 4, 2013 @ 8:50pm
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