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Classes like pyro and demoman need more weapons, others class weps would be nice as well. Demoman needs it most because All that I have been getting recently is swish swish, when I want kaboom. Pyro just needs more weps in general. So please discuss your various wep Ideas here.
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Captain Pissbeard Dec 18, 2012 @ 5:14pm 
I believe that an engineer update with a new pda that gets rid of sentries. The sentry is replaced with a large pod that various classes could step into. When the classes stepped into it they would be equipped with robotic suits. These suits would both have pros and cons, they can be sapped, take increased explosive damage, and can not jump. Each class would have there own suit. (idea) heavy would dual wield miniguns, and have 100 more health, but he would move a lot slower, and would not be able to be healed, or ubered. Scout would have a suit that would make him go faster, and deal more damage, he will also take more damage, and have less ammo. All the classes would have a suit that would be good for them, and bad in situations. All the suits can be sapped, and take more explosive damage. Again this is just a suggestion. Upgrading the building will apply suits faster. Suits can only be healed by engineers.
Captain Pissbeard Dec 18, 2012 @ 5:16pm 
A soldier rocket that would have as follows:
-25% projectile speed
-25% firing speed
+40% explosion radius
+10% damage
no random critical hits.
Hazza the Fox Dec 18, 2012 @ 5:40pm 
Some things that stick out for me (using weapons community members already made):

-Engineer and Heavy REALLY need some better secondary weapons. The pistol is pretty useless (however the Texas 6-shooter looks like the perfect replacement)
While the Heavy shotgun looks a bit silly on him and just plain redundant (the minigun is functionally an automatic shotgun- the normal shotgun doesn't really offer anything he doesn't already do).

-Pyro needs some flamers that each either gear more heavily to direct-assault (Afterburner?) or evasive after-burn hit-and-run tactics (Trench Torcher?), or, some kind of way to 'pull' enemies towards oneself would be nice (Gutguster?). Freezing/slowing enemies would be interesting (Cryogenator)?

-Demo needs some new grenade launchers with higher capacity I think- this might greatly improve his options to engage in direct combat with soldiers or heavies (not to mention Scouts and Pyros). That aside, some more variety in all his launchers is always welcome.

The Medic BADLY and DESPERATELY needs a new function aside from following other players holding down the fire button. I actually thought of a few ideas myself ;)
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Angel Dec 18, 2012 @ 5:49pm 
Scout needs a new scattergun of some kind.

Medic needs some new medi-guns, like two or three, not just one.

Demoman needs some new explosives. He is the demolitions expert, but they turned him into a freaking knight.
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Hazza the Fox Dec 19, 2012 @ 12:12am 
Originally posted by Keldon1400:
Scout needs a new scattergun of some kind.
Can't hurt, though I'd have a hard time coming up with one myself as all the major bases are covered (a two-shot boomstick, swift Shortstop, even a few that make use of his speed).

Medic needs some new medi-guns, like two or three, not just one.
THIS. Agree. There are SO many things overcharge could do.

Demoman needs some new explosives. He is the demolitions expert, but they turned him into a freaking knight.
Oh yeah, definitely agree. He's probably had the least amount of love of all classes- only one alt Sticky Launcher, and one alt Grenade Launcher. My major gripe is that both of the Grenade Launchers have overall a LOT less advantages than one of the soldier's Rocket Launchers (the stock RL and the Direct Hit are most comparable)
Captain Pissbeard Dec 19, 2012 @ 7:46am 
How about a pyro weapon called the hell hound. Its stats:

airblast sets fire to enemies
airblasted rockets set fire to enemies
enemies killed by burn damage, or afterburn damage will be turned into ash. Ash collected will make pyro run faster, and deal more damage
-25% ammo
Airblast takes 30 ammo instead of 20
Once run out of ammo weapon explodes dealing damage to yourself, and enemies.
Can only get flamethrower back from supply locker.
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