Call of Duty World at War Workshop
its always been so annoying to try and get mods/maps on COD WAW and in the end they dont even work so maybe if its put on the work shop it will make it much easier to download stuff. Anyone agree?
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Pigzero84 2013年5月23日下午10:13 
Im with you buddy. Custom zombies for life!!!
Der Kopfgeldjäger 2013年5月25日上午10:36 
Lol yeah!! theres gotta be a way toget steam to put it on there.
chemo 2013年5月26日上午7:34 
Activision is too busy making money from newer COD games.
We should write them and see what happens.
Fearless Dragon 2013年12月27日下午12:49 
ww mod
kristieeatsworld 2014年12月13日上午8:45 
i agree :D
mikldom 2014年12月13日上午9:19 
♥♥♥♥ YES
El Dylan 2015年8月7日下午6:00 
BVG 2015年8月14日下午3:49 
so how do u get em
I think UGX works
i absolutley think they should put it in the workshop it is so easy to get stuff for gmod but not for waw and i would rather play that
最后由 LoadedSandwich 编辑于; 1月14日上午6:32
Not only would it make it easier to install mods but maybe it'll inspire people to make a few new ones
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