RG | Taco_Raper 2013年4月20日下午9:13
Unreal Tournament Workshop
Unreal Tournament Workshop Would be amzing i know it's an old game but it is a amazing game please add Unreal Tournament Workshop
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Slash & Smash 2013年4月26日下午1:24 
SomeGuy 2013年4月28日上午2:21 
Problem with that, game is too old. Many mapmakers forgot about their maps, or they don't know about workshop. It will be too easy to take someone else map from nalicity or mapraider and claim authorship, stealing someone else fame without effort. After real author know about workshop, how he proof he's who made map and not the guy who uploaded it here?

Another point is, game is too old and not gonna be updated. Point of workshop is to subscribe to map and it will be automatically updated on servers and clients, in UT that would cause version mismatches.

But if there be UT4 it must be with workshop integration from beginning.
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carlos_losrodriguez 2013年5月16日上午8:51 
para mi, el mejor juego de Unreal que he jugado es el Unreal Tournament 3. Tiene todas las cosas que un verdadero juego de tiros tiene que tener
Aldarek 2013年5月16日下午2:08 
That would be great
Biz 2013年5月16日下午3:05 
I also agree. The workshop would be amazing for any of the UT games
Tía Charito w/ Burrito 2013年5月16日下午10:41 
The old mods, this would be kind of epic and revitalize an old game a bit. But I don't think there is going to be much interest in it sadly.
Rudolph523 2013年5月17日上午3:22 
its great man!
RG | Taco_Raper 2013年5月17日上午3:57 
Thanks For the support guys i really hope it will be added to the workshop :)
RainLander 5月19日下午6:56 
Yes! The most modded game(until Garry's Mod)and moddable game in video game history belongs in Steam Workshop. Literally thousands of maps and voice packs and skin packs,excessive overkill and Strangelove and many more. Epic wants help to make UT 2014 great? Lets look at UT '99 as a pattern.
unnraul [ESP] 5月21日上午4:27 
¤MushroomBananas¤ 5月21日上午5:34 
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