can you add minecraft mods?
i have minecraft and i dont no how to download mods only texture packs so i would like to no if steam could get minecraft mods.
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that would be a gr8 idea
minecraft isn't on steam so it would not work
ya but could they add it and also mods for it
Go to a website like Planet Minecraft and install modloader or forge then the mod.
no but you see i dont want to have to download modloader or forge for 1 thing my computer rejects forge and it claims theres a file error when downloading it i just want to hit the green subscribe button and be over with it no complicated file stuff
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ya but could they add it and also mods for it

Notch has stated that he doesn't want Minecraft on steam.
ok guys thx for all the help with the matter
Just get The Technic Launcher, play Tekkit Lite online, it has loads of awesome mods, MuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, Equivalent Exchange 3.... Theres about 70 of them in one easy download
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