Mount and Blade!
Why hasn't this been added to the Workshop?!?!?!?!?!?!
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robin 2013年4月6日 11時16分 
wut do u mean? o.O
Why hasn't Mount and Blade been added to the Steam Workshop?
they are take their flipping time and getting it ready i wish that they go faster though
Is there developer support for the workshop. It would be awesome but you need that support.
Mai qwestiun ;p

can't wait mount and blade warband workshop
I Can't Wait, but we need to give them some time. =)
Pier 2013年8月6日 11時56分 
And why hasn't been Napoleonic Wars added to the Workshop ???????????? :-D
This needs to happen!!
AHHHHHHHH It needs it NOW! Steam I know you r a valvev product and valve is slow but 5 years HURRY UP!
valve with 3 V's that's right
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