Supagetti· jonsonsūpāfakkā 2013年3月18日 18時16分
Ever since the new update, Mods aren't loading?
I'm having terrible trouble with L4D2's Mods, after the last update to steam, they won't load on my game!
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toddlers9 2013年3月19日 12時41分 
You have to wait for the mod to update
Supagetti· jonsonsūpāfakkā 2013年3月19日 13時52分 
So, does that mean that skins and everything are void right now?
Neptune Centari 2013年3月19日 14時20分 
i am having this problem as well. do you mean we have to wait for the person who made the mod to update it some how? a few of my friends say their mods are working just fine right now.
Supagetti· jonsonsūpāfakkā 2013年3月19日 14時38分 
My skins and stuff are working again, thank you for commenting
dkassos 2013年3月19日 14時39分 
None of my mods are being updated at all, no matter how long I have had them. All it says is "Failed to ennumerate mods" Before each time I started the game it would show each mold being checked for updates now nothing.
Supagetti· jonsonsūpāfakkā 2013年3月19日 14時52分 
Hey, it'll come, just give it a few.
AFRO SPACE WARRIOR ALPHA 2.0 2013年3月20日 21時01分 
my mods are being shown loading but they arent in effect or showing up
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