Fallout New Vegas
What about mods to this game on steam?
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i know it, but why aren't tehy on steam? :P
i would love to see this in the workshop
me too, but what can we do to have been put on steam?
Agreed. How come we don't have this already?
I agree I have been waiting for someithng to come out!!!!!!
I also very much like to have been introduced. Is there a way to accept them on steam workshop?
its a shame we dont have this. this game is pretty much just screaming for mods
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What about mods to this game on steam?

Yep. It's real shame. Maybe, Valve is full of fear of anal domination of Nexus?
They need to make one, would be amazing.
they're already are, but not on steam <lol>
google falloutnexus it has skyrim 28,505 mods fallout 3 13,191 mods and new vegas 10,148 just alot of mods for games
yes, but we want it on steam workshop
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Показані коментарі 115 із 19
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