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Mr. Fluffy Mar 15, 2013 @ 9:20pm
Spectating a Game Problems
I find it really challenging to play support because not only will you have to buy the courier and the observer wards but you will also have to buy the sentry wards (used for dewarding), the dust (used for revealing invisible heroes) and the smoke of deceit (used to avoid the opponent's observer wards). Furthermore, you have to sacrifice yourself to save your carry from death.

It really frustrates me when I put observer wards and the opposing team dewards it after a few minutes. I have learned to put my wards in hidden or unique places so that the opposing team when putting their sentry wards would still not be able to see my observer wards. But, despite my efforts there are some games where my opponent really knows when and where my wards are being placed.

I then realized that when I spectate a game there is only a two minute delay between them. And the life of an observer ward lasts 6 minutes. There's a strong possibility when players have friends who are spectating their game, inform them of the whereabouts of these observer wards so that they could deward it ASAP.

I feel that Dota 2 should make some adjustments to this feature. Maybe when people spectate the game they can only see the person's point of view or maybe the team's point of view and not the whole map? Or maybe Dota 2 can extend the delay to at least 6 minutes so as to avoid any of these "cheating"?
Date Posted: Mar 15, 2013 @ 9:20pm
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