Steam Greenlight
We need YOUR feedback on our game
We've just released the final demo version of our high intensity arcade/sim racing game.
Please try the latest demo and let us know if you have any feedback.

We'd also be interested to hear if you think the game demo offers enough to give players a feel for the game enough so they would want to purchase it.
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Spydrebyte Jan 2, 2013 @ 1:58am 
I gave it a shot :) I didn't mind it, not entirely my sort of game however, i don't mind racing but generally i prefer the traditional type.

Menus: I like the menus, although it seemed that buttons were selectable before they were visible (when the screen was black). I think there needs to be some sort of animations, something like buttons being highlighted when they are selected. And there certainly needs to be a re-configurable controls, i couldn't find it if there was already.

Controls: I had some difficulty with my game pad, although I'm using a game-cube controller which might have been the issue. Everything seemed to work fine except i got stuck accelerating in the races which prevented me slowing down and stopping in the pit-stop. Removing the controller stuck me into reverse, i needed to exit the game to reset it. Keyboard controls seemed find and easier to control for some reason, perhaps it just took me some getting used to.

Design: Perhaps with the vehicles there could be a little more variation beyond the different skins that are available. Not sure how many tracks there are, i only tried 1 i think, forwards and reverse... Also had a race at night time which is a nice touch :) Perhaps allow mirroring of tracks too, if not already in place. I think refueling/pit-stopping after 2 laps is too quick, make it something like 10 laps or more.

That's everything i can remember for now, thanks :)
Thanks for the feedback.
Could you give me the exact name and model of the game pad you use?

You can upgrade the size of your fuel-tank in the upgrade shop.
It all depends on what strategy you want to take.
Spydrebyte Jan 2, 2013 @ 6:36pm 
I was using a GameCube controller from the Nintendo console; with an adapter to plug it into the USB. Probably not one that is used all that often for PC gaming. Am thinking of getting myself an xbox360 controller, considering most games are configured for those.

Yeah i noticed the upgrades u can buy after a race, however 2 laps is still imo too few.
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I'll see if we can get that console supported but if it's not a proper PC controller we may not be able to.

Originally it was 3 laps on the default fuel tank, we're trying to make each upgrade more viable, as the fuel upgrades weren't really being used too much, so it requires careful balancing.
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