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camerson1313 123 Dec 25, 2012 @ 5:19pm
Looking for hard coop puzzles
If you have a good, hard coop map, or know of any, post it here! Challenging does not mean it is crammed with elements, so please post only if it uses a few elements in a unique way. To be clear, this is the difficulty I'm after.
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Titler 1 Jan 2, 2013 @ 7:57am 
Hey there; I uploaded my first ever map last night, but have yet to test it out with a friend and it's designed purely by myself... so I'd appreciate it if you could play it with your co-op partner and tell me if it's too hard? It's certainly unforgiving in sections, at least as a solo player with two characters, as it relies upon a lot of co-ordination, although I tried to allow quick ways for players to get back to where they were if they mess up. There's one button-madness part which you stated you don't like, but I think I've used it in a way which provides a hopefully interesting challenge and as the buttons are all in front of you, you can see what they do before trying to solve it. The others are mostly un-marked (I suspect many leave them off as it leaves ugly trails everywhere) but I think they should be obvious what they trigger, but I'd appreciate an outside perspective on that.

It's as large as I could make it without running into the item cap limitation (I planned originally to fill the entire editor space with rooms) and I've tried to make distinct visual areas out of the basic tileset for orientation... but I fear with 2 competant players and a solution spotted it may be quicker and easier than I would have liked. Either way, I'd appreciate it being given a working over, and I hope it's enjoyable for you both.

(Edited to add, I've since tweaked it a little more to add a few visible signs to 3 switches that weren't marked, just in case... and removed some portalable surfaces which, standing in the shower thinking about I realised allowed you to by-pass the hard co-op part)
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Gemarakup 19 Jul 8, 2013 @ 10:57pm 
One of the things in this map is that you can easily get to the end but it requires you to bring your partner as well which is an issue.
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