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Opinions on the RTP or default content.
What is everyone's thoughts or opinions on default content used when it comes to games or mods? This comes up a lot with Rpg Maker Games and Source mods. Many people give negative feed back on the game as they believe the designers are lazy etc. Do you believe that the art work can be forgiven if the overall story and gameplay are solid and enjoyable, or do you refuse to enjoy it if the art work is lacking. What's your opinion and thoughts?
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Skoardy Dec 4, 2012 @ 12:40am 
It shows a lack of effort and when there's forums packed with eager, inexperienced artists willing to help out for next to nothing (if not nothing), there's little reason for it. If you can't be bothered to source original content. don't get upset when people call you out for it, not matter how strong you consider your story/gameplay to be.
AusSkiller Dec 4, 2012 @ 1:04am 
Well said Skoardy, I agree completely.
lukep Dec 4, 2012 @ 7:35pm 
I don't mind simple/default graphics in some games, even down to ASCII pseudo-graphics. Making games "pretty" can use up a huge amount of resources, which could be better spent (IMO) on more content, bug fixes and polish.

The main thing is that the graphics communicate information well, and don't break immersion.
Kail Dec 4, 2012 @ 8:58pm 
It comes off as amateurish. I can get that you personally are maybe not the greatest artist, that's fine, but like Skoardy says, why not hire someone? You're selling this game for money, or at least that's the goal... charge an extra five bucks for the title, hire an artist, and put out a product that says "I care about this game" rather than "I give up, I hope the other parts of the game make up for this bad part somehow". Shoot for excellence, make the best game you can make, in every way, because I guarantee your competition is already doing that, and they will crush you if you don't keep up.

Especially when things like graphics are so easy to pick out from screenshots and videos, while components like gameplay and story are harder for potential customers to get a feel for before they buy. Video games are a visual medium, you need visuals.

tl;dr: using the default assets makes your game look less like a high quality commercial product and more like a hobby project that you didn't want to invest any money in developing.
C0untzer0 Dec 5, 2012 @ 2:14am 
The first contact folks have with your project is the visual, often people have made their minds up by the time the video gets half way. If you feel comfortable in having them dismiss your game before scrolling down to the description, use defaults.
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