KRIS Oct 29, 2013 @ 2:11pm
Batman Arkham Origins
Love new Batman so so so much better than other two, optimized very well!
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Rain Spartacus Oct 29, 2013 @ 4:37pm 
Thought it would be best to create a sticky to track all problems that this game has so the devs might track them down easily. I will try to keep this post updated, but I do tend to wander aimlessly now and then.

Multiple issues will get mentioned in a single instance (ie. Numerous "I clip out at X location" will be boiled down to "Multiple instances when batman will clip out of the map") while I run down this ever growing thread, once it is in order I might add your post number for easy location.

Please describe your issue with relevant information (ie, location, event, progress, etc.)

•Burnley communication tower vent.
-Batman is unable to climb into the ventilation shaft, leaving the players trapped in the room.
+POSSIBLE SOLUTION. Credits: Kein Zantezuken

YouTube™ Video: Batman: Arkham Origins - Burnley Tower bypass (see upd in desc)

Views: 115,339

Sorry for the video quality, wasn't recorded at my personal battlestation [SMALL UPDATE IN THE DESCRIPTION] Now, as you probably have noticed from in-video description - the trick is quite...

PhysX may be required.

•Unable to interrogate Enigma informants even after they surrender, or after completing the main storyline

•Muted Audio
-At certain points, mostly after a cinematic, audio will be completely muted.

•Inconsistent audio
- Audio turns on and off sporadically for minutes at a time.
- Dialogue is also affected

•Faulty event/audio triggers
-Lacey tower's investigation audio triggered by approaching Lacey Towers.

•Subtitle settings.
-Will not disable even after disabling them in the options screen.
+Setting subtitles on/off before starting/continuing your game may solve this issue.

•Detective mode will not let you scan, it instead shuts down to regular view.

•Bowery communication tower.
-Enigma video will not play after hacking the tower.

•Freeflow Focus will not unlock despite meeting the requirements.

•Batclaw will not disengage.
-During the Penguin's Final Offer mission, on the raft.
*Try pressing the crouch key.

•Missing map markers/waypoints.
-Lacey Towers waypoint after exiting the Final Offer.

•Invisible Enemies
-During Killer Croc's first encounter.
-During Deathstroke's fight.

•Clip out of map and fall into an infinite plunge into darkness in many areas througout the game.
-When reloading checkpoints.
-When continuing in Royal Hotel.
-Before the steam pipes outside and above Penguin's Arena, reached by crouching and moving forward into the wall.
-After finding the disruptor and using the door.

•Game's process won't shut down after exiting the game

•Controller prompts alternating between Keyboard icons and Gamepad icons.

• GCPD Elevator shaft.
-Possible to go down the shaft after rescuing Gordon, leaving the players stuck.

•Freezing while saving leads to save being wiped out.

•Raft on Mad Hatter's wonderland prone to getting stuck.

•Hints get stuck prompting users to press the same button.

•Some Exotic takedowns not registering correctly.

•No autosave during Fast Travel.

•Some buildings can be grappled onto but unable to clib

•Glide kick doesn't engage while gliding.

•Batman seizures while gliding, alternating between landing animation and gliding animation.

•Some enemies refuse to engage.

•Batman becomes invulnerable after fast traveling from Batcave

•Collision issues, enemies walk through solid areas making them unreachable.
-First encounter with Firefly henchmen outside the bottom of the bridge, henchman slides into a closed door.
-Deadshot Museum fight, Deadshot rolls inside the stairs making him unreachable.

•Fast travel detection, sometimes it registers as indoors even when outside.

•Prompts don't respond when aquiring new gadgets, leaving you staring at your gadget.

•Sceene loops when entering the batcave.

•Decrypting electronic locks sometimes don't open the corresponding doors.

•Leaving the church without blowing up the chemical canister resets the door, but not the lock, making the canister unavailable forever.

• Wonderland clock tower's remote claw points don't latch even after aligning cogs.

•Bowery jamming signal objective doesn't deactivate even after completing it.

•Game doesn't recognize prompts/counters when prompted on screen.
-Doors on Penguins arena, trapping you inside.
-Joker's glass shards.
-Aquiring new gadgets.

•Whenever the game crashes it freezes other windows processes (ie. Rocketdock)

•Gadgets and interactive items do not work/react/register sometimes.

• Mission objectives don't complete even after they are completed.

• Sonic Batarang doesn't attract enemies.

• Dark Knight system unlocks bugged
•Crashes during scene changes, map changes, trigger events.

•Crash on startup, game will not load.

•Black screen during cinematics.

•Black Screen during Killer Croc's fight.

•Freeze during Bane's fight.

•Exiting the Final Offer

•Crash after the "Loose Lips" arms dealer cinematic.

•Freeze while Fast-traveling to the Batcave

•Enabling PhysX causes more crashes

•While "checking for content" due to resolution issues on GFXSettings.BatmanArkhamOrigins.xml

•Restarting checkpoint after meeting Joker.

•Crash on elevator with grinning manager after copperhead encounter.
•Stutter/lag in cutscenes.

•FPS drops in Blackgate Prison.

•Xbox controller is unresponsive at times.

•Unresponsive camera during fights.

•PhysX not performing properly.

•Mouse not responding during fights.

•DVD install still requires a 9GB download.

•Game does not save/autosave

•Screen tearing with Vsync and 50 fps

•Buttons other than 1,2,3 won't map.
•Progress is not being saved.

•Black Screen, audio still plays.

•"Error 3" While attempting to connect to multiplayer servers.

•Brief freezing while beginning MP match.

•Incorrect number of players reported on lobby.

•No modifier key support.

•Two robins appear in multiplayer

•Weapon skins will not equip, resets to default
KRIS Oct 30, 2013 @ 1:18am 
You know what ? Never notice all of this issues. I'm running on i5, GTX690, 8GB of Ram 1600Ghz
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