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Troy Oct 13, 2013 @ 1:58pm
Broken Mod Has Broken My Game !!!!
I installed a mod from the workshop for the verctor SMG, now everytime i load L4D2 beta it tries to download the Kriss Super V mod and crashes my game to desktop! i have unsubscribed ALL of my mods and steam tells me i have NO subscriptions to anymore mods, yet this STUPID mod keeps trying to install and crashes my game, there is no way i know of to get rid of this mod because steam does not find the subscribed mod and i cant seem to find a sort of cache to delete this automated install process for this paticular workshop mod...

I have located the setup file in steam/steamapps/common/left4dead_beta/addons/workshop
and there is 2 files,
1. a picture of the gun labled 157109328
2. the steam workshop setup file labeled 157109328

When i delete these files and start the beta again, it automatically tries to download the mod again and instantly crashes l4d2beta and puts the same 2 files back in the workshop folder of steam!!!

i have tried everything and like i say unsubscribed to ALL mods for left4 dead 2 and yet it still tries to install this ♥♥♥♥ty mod!
L4D2 beta is now unplayable for me thanks to this guy who has vanished off the workshop leaving me unable to unsubscribe to this mod.

i have even tried removing L4D2 beta and reinstalling the whole game but because im apparently subscribed to this ghost workshop mod i cant see, it just keeps trying to install it..

Does anyone know a way of blocking of deleting a workshop subscription even if you cant actually see it?

also i may add that i tried running this ''157109328'' workshop setup file located in /addons/workshop folder to install the mod manually to see if it helps, but i get this error...

''157109~1.VPK'' is not a valid source engine add-on. installation failed.

how is it possible for people to put these kind of files on workshop and totally ♥♥♥♥ up my game :(

the strangest thing is im not subscribed to ANY workshop mods anymore, and cant for th life of me find this mod again in the workshop list on steam, its like hes broke my game then vanished off steam!

all i have for evidence is that workshop setup file that automatically downloads and crashes my game and the picture of the gun.. i cant find the mod on workshop anymore to try and resubscribe and unsubscribe to it again, its just vanished!!!
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Troy Oct 13, 2013 @ 6:01pm 
Ok i managed to fix it, i had to get a friend to post a link of the mod, then access the page through my web browser (not steam browser) and then i could see i was subscribed to it, so i unsubscribed, then it worked fine...

This is the mod link that caused me the bother so if you ever install it and get the same issue i did, then just click this link, and unsubscribe from your internet browser...

Gimmeh Jibbs! 4 Oct 13, 2013 @ 8:06pm 
Yeah, that was probably stolen and got deleted. Valve needs to automatically unsubscribe everyone from a deleted/removed Workshop addon, considering how popular some deleted mods get.
Yea valve looks down on people who steals other works or post nude mods.
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