the trapper 10/out/2013 às 0:46
payday 2 dead island & outlast WORKSHOP PLEASEEEEEEE i beg you
the games i listed need works shops the games would get so much more sales and 1000 of more hours of game play
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Devil May Cry 11/out/2013 às 16:27 
I reckon steam should put fallout new vegas in the workshop.
the trapper 12/out/2013 às 16:08 
omg im such a dumb♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!! i forgot A FALL OUT WORK SHOP HELL YEAH or how about all steam games !!! so much more play for all games !!!!
reider619 12/out/2013 às 18:15 
muy buenos juegos los 3 pero me quedo con pay day 2
Fragball 15/out/2013 às 12:25 
yeah, fallout 3 & new vegas since there are tons of mods out there.
payday 2 - rather not coz it would ruin the game.
dead island - could work, yes.
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