Grand Theft Auto............ V!
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Have you heard that GTA V on PC might be coming out on PC on 22/11/13. Will Steam release it? Possibly. If they release nearly every game, then they should release this! If they dont then Steam is going to lose alot of money!
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I wouldn't put any hopes in rumors. November 22nd is too early and collides with the Watchdogs release. Although it would be a delicious opportunity to hit the christmas sales with GTA 5 plus the Hardware needed to play it :)
They may be focusing on next gen consoles first.
idk as long as it gets a workshop :)
credo 2013年10月11日 13時23分 
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First i would recommend consoles such as abox ps3 or ps4 becouse on a computer u need to do like 5 million other things on xbox and ps3 u only need to do one thing and u need the requierments xboxs and ps or for gaming pcs or for internet and rockstar did say that they dont like the other players cheating and making the graphics better they just want people to play the game its sa post to be played
BK 2013年10月13日 8時40分 
the awkward moment when you thought is was already out on pc
Bart:3 2013年10月14日 5時10分 
I didn't hear anything about that :O
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