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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Adura 1 May 9, 2013 @ 3:42am
Making Choices Matter - Scale and Ideas
Heya everyone ^^

So, I love playing Skyrim and everything, and the freedom is quite empowering. Yet, I often find that the game is lacking meaningful choices. This is especially true in quests. (I haven't done the civil war yet, and would like to know whether this gives you any meaningful choices. It looks like it would.)

My question to all of you is this: What kind of choices and consequences would you like to see in the game? How big of a scale should there be to your choices in mod-based quests? Would you like to see large changes being made by your choices, even if it breaks the main questline?

Should it be possible to, say, make a poor series of choices and end up with a destroyed town/city? Would you like to see the possibility of saving a poor NPC's life, then see them grab a notable position of power later, and bring about massive changes to the area?

Personally, I've been toying with some ideas about choices leading to fundamental alterations in the game. For instance, siding with Meridia in a certain questline could lead to the removal of skeletons and undead in Skyrim, while opposing this Daedra (and succeeding) would lead to more powerful, more plentiful and more hostile undead.

What would you like to see? What are your thoughts?
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Kendrick_Yes 9 May 9, 2013 @ 10:12am 
Originally posted by Adura:
(I haven't done the civil war yet, and would like to know whether this gives you any meaningful choices. It looks like it would.)
It doesn't. Not really. Everything that changes is superficial. It never feels like anything is different. And the actual missions are awful 'copy, pasted' fort captures or battles that are basically identical no matter which side you chose.
Personally, I like to never even start the Civil War stuff and just think of it as the setting.

On the actual subject of choices.
With Skyrim I think it's quite hard to make people really 'feel' for characters and therefore actually care about the choices.
(It's hard to feel anything for the awkwardly animated, mostly static NPCs... And, of course, you can just skip all the dialog)
So, assuming you agree, that removes small 'moral' choices. I think bigger, plot twisting choices would be the only realistic option.
Like you save a guy for a bear (Early enough in the game so that a bear has a good chance of killing you both) and he thanks you and goes on his way. Then, later on he turns out to be an influential member of a mercenary group or something and he saves you the hassle of mass murder to get your hands on something.

(Early enough in the game so that a bear has a good chance of killing you both)
Then you have the problem with Skyrim's levelling system combined with the freeroam.

I can do anything in any order (Give or take) And once I get powerful enough it doesn't really matter what I have to do or how many blokes I have to kill because I'm super freakin' awesome!

Anyway, that's my view... For what it's worth.
jjb-54 1 May 9, 2013 @ 10:31am 
Excellent question!

I took the Imperial Side and for the reason, I thought Ulfric "Cheated" big time in using the Thu'um to kill the High King.

But what I noticed after the fact - that most of the Storm cloak followers/family still had no issues with DB - except the Jarl's and families that were removed from power. Even then it was not the obvious "Traitor" that I would have expected.

I even found their ‘displacement’ to be “odd” to say the least.

It would have seemed that the side DB did not choose would become HATED big time!! With the consequence that he would/should have had a “contract” out on him/her and rightly so, as he/she well displaced them.

The only thing that “made sense” to me was the Thalmor, when I started taking them out. They did have a “Contract” out on me and rightly so.

Now I’ve not taken the Vampire side (Yet) but here again, if DB was to take the side of “evil” – I would think there would be fall-out, big time, even with the Graybeards? Seems some actions are not ‘there’ that should be.

Just a couple of thoughts….
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