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Banana May 4, 2013 @ 6:55pm
Game pitch: Pvp game with a certain style of combo system from another game, just pvp
So, I have been playing many mmos and mmorpgs for a while, though I an relatively new to steam, I've always had the a game that uses the combo system from Dragon Nest. The combo system in the game s pretty good, and would provide fun pvp. Though the pvp is good, the full game is not just pvp, it is an rpg with pvp and pve. So, you must level through to get to the max level just to pvp with all skills and with most other people, which, to me at least, is quite boring when you have to go through the same dungeons over and over with little to no reward except finishing an item retrieving quest that brings you closer to the goal at being max levvel for pvp. The pvp system is very good, and with some work at making a game on it, it would be a great game that I would enjoy playing a lot. If you want to check out the pvp, here is a link:

I think that the game should be pvp only at this point because it outshines the rest of the game, or, even better, the rpg aspect should be bumped up to be more fun. Otherwise, someone should take this concept and make a game of it.
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C0untzer0 May 5, 2013 @ 2:10am 
Yeah, just buy their engine, retool it for your purposes and THEN plug it.
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