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nthzero Apr 29, 2013 @ 12:57am
CK playing jokes on me . . .
I've put together a little player house. I put it together in an Interior Cell because it's really hard for me to do much careful work in the Tamriel Exterior cells (mostly, I think, because they're something new for me). I figured I'd just copy the finished house and paste a copy of it to the Exterior cell I'd picked. (I've done this before, and it worked just fine, so I think it's an OK way to do player houses.)

Well, after preparing the Exterior cell--moving some trees out of the way--I went back to copy my house for the paste--but instead of finding my house as I expected, most of the house was invisible. A few of the smaller objects that were part of the house were still showing, but the larger objects were all invisible. All of the objects--large and small--were still listed in the Cell contents window. When I right-clicked on one of the invisible objects in the cell contents list and selected View, I could then see the invisible object, but only while I held down the mouse button.

I went looking for an answer, . . . and the best info I found was a side note in one of the CK tutorials that said:

"As of Creation Kit version there is a bug where larger Objects might sometimes not appear in game. A temporarly solution is to open the objects reference window and enable Is Full LOD, although this is not recommended as a permanent solution, as it may affect performance."

So I enabled Is Full LOD. But nothing changed.

This has disappearing act has happened to me several times now. I figured I'd give up on the more elaborate efforts for the time being and just use the game's own houses. My new little house was made from 2 of the game's farmhouses fitted together with maybe a dozen other objects from the game added. Nothing bizarre--just stuff like chimneys. I was really surprised when the disappearing act got going again.

I'm hoping that one of you guys can help me with this. Or maybe tell me where I might go for help. I've searched as best I know how for KC stuff, but no luck. I'm getting sort of bummed on these mods, and any help/suggestions right now would be especially welcome. Tx.
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I had the same problem. Just reload the plug-in and everything should be back to normal. Or you might have toggled the visibility of objects, just press 1 while in the interior cell. But you probably already know that. Hope this helped.
cloud2sephiroth12 May 7, 2013 @ 11:18am 
Sometimes you can double click the object, and as long as the box that pops up to allow you to edit the object is open the object will stay visible. I have never had them stay that invisible in game though.
nthzero May 22, 2013 @ 9:33am 
Thank you guys for the replies. . . . I decided to let this one go. . . . After a few days, I wasn't so jumpy about losing my work and decided that it'd be better to start over with something that didn't lead to problems right at the start . . . <lol> . . . No reason to make things any harder than they are . . . :o) . . .
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