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[Theoretical Discussion] Getting a game concept out
I say theoreticaly because I'm still learning the ropes, so I won't be posting any concepts I have in mind anytime soon(though I do want to release a game to friends or on Desura sometime this year, after I've learned more)

But to the point, when it comes to putting out concepts, how early on would you say someone who is inexperienced in game design should draw attention to their project? Pre-Alpha, Alpha, or Beta

I'll admit the only reason I can think of to put out a concept at pre-Alpha is to sort of claim an idea before others do
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This makes sense, expecially with examples like Kung Fu Rabbit out there
AusSkiller Apr 7, 2013 @ 5:44pm 
Prototype/Alpha/Beta/ect. are very subjective terms, each developer will almost arbitrarily decide when their game reaches those states, so it's pointless using them to say when a project should be publicly shown.

The time you should show stuff depends on how well known a developer you are, a well known developer can show off just the concept art and explain the gameplay and people will react positively because they trust that a well known developer could actually do that, but if an unknown developer tried releasing just concept art and an explaination most people would react negatively since it's unlikely that an unknown developer could actually achieve what they say they can. So that being the case, IMO the best time for an unknown developer to show their game is when they have something that shows the game very close to how it would be when the game is complete, and because of that a lot of indie developers will push to get one level completely done as fast as possible so they can show off their game much earlier than if than if they took a much more traditional balanced approach to the content creation. Of course there are some problems with doing that, you see some indie games that rush out the first level and show it off looking 95% complete and saying it'll just take a few months to make the rest of the content, but because content creation can take a lot longer than they think it will it can actually take them a year or two to make the content instead and by that time people are likely to be less impressed with it as all the hype has worn off.
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Now that definetly makes sense. Yeah, I'd be best off then actually making whatever I make first then releasing it. After that, if the game was a success(it would most certainly be free for my first), I could consider announcing another half way through the next project.
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