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Frozen Hearth Comp
Hi, we are looking to get a little more help to push Frozen Hearth through the Greenlight process. So Ill reach out to the users of Steam and see what they can do for us. Basically we need 30k votes. Its a fairly big number, but we have been doing okay, and have been popping in and out of the top 15, but we would like to keep a more permanent grip on our place there.

We are looking for users to comment on some of the things they would like to see in our next expansion, on our facebook or steam suggestions discussion forum, and then go ahead and include some of those suggestions!

We have a few options: new race, 4 player co-op, brand new game types, stuff like that. The other cool thing is we have been working on the modding framework, and some other features... But that's not all:

Every day people who comment on our game will have a chance of getting a game key. The more people the more keys ill give out. If we get 100 comments (got to be from different people) we will give away 10 keys to randomly selected commenters from all days since April 2nd. This means if you comment every day, yes you have more chance individually, but also the more people you invite,the more keys there will be to win!

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Date Posted: Apr 3, 2013 @ 11:55pm
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