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Cougarmint Apr 2, 2013 @ 1:55am
The Source Heart Chronicles: A Concept for Valve and the Community
About two weeks ago, I posted the topic, “Is a Source-Based Fan-Fiction Game OK for Greenlight?” and to my surprise, a Valve Employee answered, of all people, which gave me strong incentive to finish preparing the concept I had been working on. That being said, I’m finally ready to show it to the world. This has been an intense labor of love, and as I mentioned in the other topic, this was done to honor the Valve Team and the unique Community they support (and playfully tease.) And so, here it is:

The Source Heart Chronicles: Community Call to Arms MMORPG

This will be a free-to-play, Total Conversion Mod/MMORPG Fan-Fiction concept that takes our world and blends it with the Source Worlds in a powerful, unique storyline that everyone will have a chance to participate in the development of. The thought processes behind this were that Valve loves to play Alternate Reality Games with their community from time to time, they love the fan-fictions we write and the fan-art we draw, and so on. The idea behind this, then, is to offer both Valve and the Community to unite in a mass collaboration to produce a game that everyone can actually say, “I had a part in this!” Yes, I realize this is a radical idea and probably one that may be shot down, but I figured it would be worth some consideration. I also know that most of the characters, worlds, etc in the Fan-Fiction actually belong to Valve, and I’m willing to cooperate with them to help get the game off the ground or to abandon the concept all together if the decide they don’t like it and tell me to cease and desist before they find me, drag me to their dungeon, duck tape me to a wall, and throw pancakes at me for seven hours.

If nothing else, I’m hoping Valve will like the general idea of it and will take some of its concepts to use in future games.

The base storyline is that a special virus has been injected into Steam that allows the Community to create a Source Heart character, who has the power to bend the Source Engine to his/her will without the need of the SDK, and join the Source Worlds in an online MMORPG setting. They start out playing the game and taking quests from iconic Source Characters like GLaDOS, G-Man, Barney Calhoun, Bill Overbeck, and others. As the quest chains progress, they eventually start taking quests from (if they will accept the idea to do so) the Valve Employees themselves to recover stolen data and protect their infrastructure from a vile Source Denizen named Dr. Cortez, who is threatening to destroy not only the Source Engine, but our reality as well in order to recreate both realities to his twisted liking. Ultimately, the player learns that they aren’t just playing a mere game, they are playing a deadly Alternate Reality Game which will decide the fate of not only the Source Engine, but our reality itself.

There’s more to it, such as a six-part back story that explains the Source Hearts, where they came from and who Dr. Cortez is. There is also the Steam Mythos, an odd religion that a handful of “enlightened” Source Denizens follow, which is based off the Steam Platform, as the name of the religion suggests.

All I have at this time are concept documents which are posted toward the bottom of the concept page. Those will explain everything I’ve posted here in more detail, and will provide some comical insight as to how the Source Denizens think the world was created. I hope all of you, including any Valve Employee reading this, enjoy reading the concept as much as I enjoyed writing it up, and hope that it will be something workable.

Edit Notes: I added a link to the Steam Mythos document, which is the master and centerpiece of the Fan-Fiction. I really hope you all enjoy it!
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C0untzer0 Apr 2, 2013 @ 4:03am 
Will there be a quest to free half-life 3 from it's dungeon?
Cougarmint Apr 2, 2013 @ 10:01am 
LOL! Glad you asked! This is taken from one of the quest ideas from the synopses:

"The Combine finds a way to hack into Valve’s Infrastructure and steals the source code for Half-Life 3 in order to prevent their future defeat. Gabe sends the player on an urgent mission to the ruins of City 17 and to meet up with Gordon Freeman, who aids the player throughout the mission. He ultimately helps the player defeat a Combine Advisor in order to retrieve the code and return it to Valve. The quest reward, as a result, is a special crowbar that has a chance to set enemies on fire when a hit lands."

In other words, now we know why Half-Life 3 has been so long in the making! Those Combine jerks stole it! To arms, Community! Let's take it back from them so that Valve can finally finish it! hehehe
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