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Mazgrael Mar 23, 2013 @ 6:40am
BattleBall has been released on Desura and GetGames! You can access the store pages for both online shops bellow, taking into consideration that the Linux version, at least for the time being, is only available on Desura (Windows and Mac versions are available at both stores). The web-site for FenrirGames and as such BattleBall will go live shortly, and a direct pay system will be implemented when everything will be set in order.

The game is sold at a promitional price for the first week (possible extended to two weeks), with at 29% reduction in cost, in order to thank everyone who will show and give their support for the game in the first weeks of its digital shelf time, and of corse, to perhaps have a broader audience in order to have the game go around a bit easier and faster.

Demos for all platforms can be downloaded in .zip format from FenrirGames[] as well s from the sites bellow.


GetGames PC[]

GetGames Mac[]

I have decided to put this information up on the Greenlight Forums as well as on the game`s Greenlight page because the influx of visitors has all but stopped, and this is the only other place where such announcements can take place within the Steam framework.

Please take a bit of your time to review all the info, view the media and play the demo before making any sort of decision, which includes visiting or re-visiting Greenlight page in order to cast/re-cast a vote for the game.

As always, feedback will be welcomed and considered, so don't shy away from any sort of criticism, but it would very much help if it was constructive.

As a side note, which is mentioned on all the shops that sell the game, right now the online-multi-player part of the game is still in development, and that is because I didn't want to ship the game with a feature that was glitchy. I want people to be able to ejoy that feature, and as such I want to do more testing and developing, to make sure everything works as it should. An update will be patched in with online multi-player approximately a month after release, at no additional cost of course.

Game on!
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