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Skylight Oct 28, 2013 @ 11:14am
Get notified when games get released?
Having so many indie developers and game releases on not only Greenlight, it becomes very difficult to track when the games are actually released. A few years ago, when everyone knew all big project names, we could just subscribe to main RSS feed and keep an eye on updates.

Now, taking into account massive amount of games, it is impossible to track every single one of them.
More over, I don't care about every small update they publish through twitter or any other social network, I only want to get notification when the game is actually released.

Just on the Greenlight itself, I voted "Yes" for hundreds of games, but I feel like I can't keep up with the amount information I need to filter.

Is there any central services which track development state of games?

I feel like we need a central service (perhaps separate website as not all games being published on Steam), where all developers may mark their game as released, so everyone who participated will get notifications.
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That Guy Oct 28, 2013 @ 4:05pm 
people used rss feeds ? when did this happen ?

if you up voted something its in your list of stuff you voted for . anything that gets released gets a green symbol below it . you will notice that almost nothing you upvoted is out or will be out any time soon
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