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Civvy Oct 10, 2013 @ 1:17pm
U like?
Hai, guys! I hav an idea for a game. A really, really, REALLY big idea for a game. I'm just not sure how it would go over with the modern population. I need opinions. Constructive critisism. Can You, the community, help me? So, in the not so distant future, (2088) there's this guy, with his son named Valarious (Losely translated from latin to 'Friend'). He finds files, proposals to congress and the D.O.D, consepts for inventions, and even an entire portpholio on this one project. All named and/or linked to, "Project -----" but was refered to as, "Project Xout" because the name was crossed out, in Valarious' father's eternal fear of pladgerism. afraid someone would steel his idea, but without hesitation, the 16-year-old boy asks his dad what's up, and why all these proposals and files were rejected. His dad seems... Aprehensive to say why, but he just shrugged and said they were proposals for an extention project for his 'Nu-Tek Laboratories (tm) copywright 2013 Dakota Brake' (I sware if you steel this I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!!!), but as it turns out, it was an operation funded by the senate to trace back findings or an almost non-existant mineral, Urainian-Oxide. Something never before seen. Something that was next to impossible. But there were only three of the rocks on Earth, and they landed in: Ocean Springs, Mississippi - Iraq (somewhere in there) - and on the outskirts of Moskow, Russia. Turns out, the stuff is magnetic, but not to earth. To the population's magnetic field. I digress, Valarious wants to make his father happy, and launches the project on his own, having small busyness experience, being a Cadet Officer in C.A.P, and having about 20% of Nu-Tek in his pocket. So, after showing both the U.S congress, thousands of Govornment officials, and his dad in the front seat, he shows every concept, schimatic, and plan to them. Upon aproval, Valarious was 28 at the time, and his fater, being 56 too, and growing weaker and weaker, giving more and more of his company in the hands of his son. But valarious found out why the project was a bust. Why it was never launched before. The planet was called 'Omega 46-52/83/b'. The most notorious name in the system, but with his father's dreams in his heart, he ventured on, tracing the Oxidized urainium back through space to this place. With trees made of sandstone, obsydian, and even diamond; the place consumed with murcury, and mycelium. The place freezing over, yet with just enough heat to keep things going. After recruiting orer 10,000 soldires, and 100 some odd mining crews, he sent them to what they thought would make them heros, finding the perfect fuel soarce for Earth's growing demands for power. But upon hearing this, the Russians created the organization, 'The Reformed U.S.S.R' hoping to do the same thing, and to raise money for the govornment, still being as poor as they are. Once news reached the middle East, the Muslim Brotherhood decided to do the same, but using this material for mass destruction, and world domination, on both planets. skipping forward a few weeks (ships got new warp drives about 20 years ago), the American colonies land in an area known as, "Alpha twelve", where the primary dispatch as overall H.Q was to be set up, eventually nicknamed 'Huston'. Then the Russians came, but in waves. The last wave was hyjacke defore it's launch by the Muslim Brotherhood. It just so happened to be the Ginetics and Energy research, (why not, right?). And in retaliation, the Russians attempt to destroy the ship, but it diapears into the vast nothingness of space. The Russians arrive and the two collonies (America, and Russia) Are on completely different sides of the planet, and once the lost Brotherhood ship finds it's way back, things go down. On the three month trip there, they made creatures, geneticly engineered meutants, and the things from wich spawn at the gates of Hell. And in an effort to server, protect, lead, and survive, you are met with choices that could mean life for another, and death for you or vice versa. Going through different game modes, turn based, F.P.S, strategy, 2D, platformer, cross-platformer, decisive chat and actions, and many other setups, you'll win some and lose some. This is just the back story, and If you guys like it, I'll add the planned machanics, tell you about the characters, etc. Enjoy! :D I really hope you guys like what I have planned.
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