Public enemy ︻デ═一 2013年11月1日 0時20分
Wich song did you find in youre game just wondering how many really listing to the music .
hello just wondering wich song you hear when youre playing a game yes misic in game so not from radio/dvd no realgame music i found this one from johnny cash prototype 2 link=
JUST WONDERING NOTHING MORE because some poeple dont hear nothing when the playing a game
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tommykyle 2013年11月1日 4時18分 
i turn off the music
Enemy 2013年11月1日 5時55分 
Public enemy ︻デ═一 2013年11月1日 23時22分 
example saint row 3 the musicplayer with all songs AWESOME WHEN YOURE DRIVING YOURE CAR
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