En☢☢b 2013年12月1日下午8:27
Pay Day 2 Group ?

is there a payday 2 group,
I want to design masks but still no idea
how can I make it? I want a beginners tutorial Who could give tips

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Ebaydude50 2014年4月28日下午8:21 
Count me in too. Just got the game.
EXO *CMSTROM 2014年4月29日上午6:20 
Big_EviL [PDM] 2014年4月30日下午12:20 
Yeahh.....I've actually been looking into that myself. It isn't as hard as you would think depending on how well you are with encoding script into images.
If you want a quick way to pick up this type of scripting do what I did, download a program called Rainmeter, it uses LUA...I'm pretty sure that is the code used in Payday 2.
I have a few youtube tutorials on how to make nifty gadgets like music players and moving interactive desktops.
Acme George 2014年5月1日下午7:01 
que genial
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