emmaeatszombies19 2013. dec. 1. @ du. 1:47
Terraria Guide not respawning
how do u get your guide to respawn?
i have free houses and they are marked suitable
there is no goblin army that im aware of
all my other npcs are spawning
and i need my guide for the Wall Of Flesh!
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Boris 2013. dec. 2. @ du. 4:57 
If your other npcs are still respawning, try building a new house somewhere, setting that as the spawn point for the guide, and waiting a few days. Otherwise try and find the center point of your world (where you spawn in default if you don't have a bed), and make sure that it is clear. The guide should respawn there if there is no suitable housing for him
emmaeatszombies19 2013. dec. 3. @ de. 9:03 
ill try
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