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[Request] F/A Jack the Ripper for Ember Spirit
Hello and Good Day, i am here to humbly request a mod. A replacement for Ember Spirit.

Fate Apocrypha; Jack The Ripper

She is Jack the Ripper from Fate Apocrypha, contrary to Saber; she is a child. Therefore she is small.

The colors of the flames of the abilities are rendered to black, and the slashes are purple.

Abilities are redubbed and redescribed:

Hero Title: Ember Spirit to Serial Killer

Searing Chain > Mental Pollution

- (Game) "Jack targets two unsuspecting victims, wrapping them in thick fog that clouds their mind and prevents them in reacting."

- (Lore) "The perpetrator of gory deaths, she binds her victims and then butcher them from where they lie."

Sleight of Fist > Maria the Ripper

- (Game) "Jack dashes towards the enemies in a flash, attacking all the targeted units once, and then returns where she is standing after. You deal 50% less damage to creeps. You are invulnerable during this process. Takes 0.2 seconds to attack per unit."

- (Lore) "Trained in the lines of assassination, she moves around in a flash, delivering fatal blows to whom she wish."

Flame Guard > The Darkness Mist Capital

- (Game) "Jack surrounds herself with thick smog that protects her from incoming magic damage and slowly sap the life from nearby enemy units. If the shield is dispelled, the damage per second buff goes away."

- (Lore) "The Old Smoke in london that caused tens and thousands of death."

Flame Remnant > Murderer of the Misty Night

- (Game) "Jack charges herself with the energy to create a Misty Memory every 35 seconds, with a max of 3 charges. Releasing a charge, sends a Misty Memory that runs to the targeted point at 2.5 times her speed. Jack can use his secondary ability to dash out to each remnant's location, detonating them for area of effect damage, and arriving at the one he targeted last. Misty Memories last 45 seconds or until you fuse with them. The remnant placing ability is limited by charges and not cooldown or manacost. The secondary ability lets you target a location closest to whichever Misty Memory you want to choose. Jack will then dash out going through each remnant, arriving at the selected remnant last. Each Remnant you go through causes it to detonate, dealing damage in the area around it."

- (Lore) "Once a victim is chosen and obsessed with, she trails them endlessly until such time she can strike."

Activated Flame Remnant > Murder

- (Game) Target the Misty Memory to arrive at. You dash through all other Misty Memory, and end up at the one you targeted, exploding them for area of effect damage.

Poses (Fire Remnant):


- Fire Remnants are now called Misty Memories
- Ember Spirit's Fire abilities are recolored to black
- Jack's animation is modified to be feminine.
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