Sauly2 Salate 2013年11月15日下午12:56
FTL Workshop
Who else thinks that there should perhaps be a FTL workshop with addons such as new weapons, ships, races, and even storylines?
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Sauly2 Salate 2013年11月21日下午12:00 
also it will save time trawling through google only to find a couple of mods.
Wraggles 2013年11月21日下午4:18 
love it, i love ftl but i think that if they added workshop that there would be alot more to discover in FTL
tyster5000 1月23日下午9:18 
It would make modding FTL far easier
elvinkiller 1月25日下午7:48 
it would and i would love different story lines too
[MXC] Jiwubwub 8月5日下午7:35 
it would be nice.
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