Jetraysr 2013年11月6日 21時04分
A new wonderfull game idea for an old amazing game!
I have played many great games, and so far, Half Life 2 is the best. So, I'm makeing this discussion about how they can make it greater.
Over the years, Graphics have become more intense, sharper, and complex. So, why not use these new things to recreate half life? With the guns more detailed, the sounds sharp and clear, and the explosions as real as ever. I'm not suggesting changeing any of the missions, just that they should make half life 2 a better game for everyone!
Please, give me your thoughts and ideas.
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Niquibong 2013年11月8日 12時02分 
I like it the way that it is. Others might agree that it would be cool to improve the graphics as you've mentioned.

Possibly using another engine, but that's going to take alot of work.
Jetraysr 2013年11月10日 17時10分 
True, there is nothing wrong with the game itself, and it would be alot of work, but i believe it would be worth it!
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