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Steam Discussion and E.A/F2P Gaymez.







Seems like anyone who actually has a good point against those types of titles, gets flamed like none other and people defend the game as if their life depended on it. I find it funny when they say, "What, we cant have our own opinion and like a game?". And im thinking, well why cant this person also hate the game? Is that against the rules too? lol

But seriously. We need a better screening for games instead of greenlight. Look at the United States governement for instance... i can promise you that the majority of those who voted for Barack Osama had no idea what he was really about. In greenlight, most people just vote a game in based solely on face value.

Greenlight doesnt tell you anything about the developer and how many other titles they have completed (or abandoned). You just load up some pics... and click yes or no and on to the next one. That sounds kinda flawed to me in a way.

Freaking Star Forge. *looks for devs*
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