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Frightowl 1 Jan 11 @ 8:44pm
Why do they keep downloading?
Yeah, some reason some of my addons redownload almost every startup, and when I quit itm of downloading and go offline mode, restart L4D2, half, or at least a few, aren't there anymore, and I'd have to go back online to download that update or whatever it's doing, I don't want to redownload and waste internet usage by this almost EVERY time.

Are the addons updating that frequently? Or is it just L4D2 needs to config it or something, what?
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Emannuelle Jan 12 @ 11:37pm 
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Captain Caboose 1 Jan 13 @ 2:25am 
That's the Workshop for you.
Manual downloads don't have this problem.
Telemak Feb 17 @ 12:06pm 
That's not an answer. This problem is really annoying. Anybody idea ?
Captain Caboose 1 Feb 17 @ 4:56pm 
Workshop mods don't often work offline. The game checks for subscriptions and updates to those subscriptions every time it loads up. I'm guessing from offline it can't check for updates from the Workshop, assumes there are no subscriptions, and clears the workshop folder. The Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop is kind of a half-♥♥♥♥♥ effort and never fully worked from the start. Only Valve can really fix these issues, and it's apparent by now it's not their top priority. As I said before, learning to download something manually will cause less pain in the long run.
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