GeForce GTX
Anybody knows if there is a compatibility problem with the GeForce GTX series?? or is it just me ??
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KRIS 2013年12月24日 9時31分 
What you're playing ?
You have to give more details than that. For a blanket answer to GTX series of cards, I personally have never had any real issues with them. That's not saying much since there is so many different variables with video cards.
with rome 2
so whatever I do rome 2 is still gonna crash?
aritzo 2013年12月25日 4時08分 
also make sure you have the latest graphics drivers:

Steam > Check for video driver updates
KRIS 2013年12月25日 7時09分 
Also try different compatibility mode, had similar issues with Saint Row 4
KRIS 2013年12月25日 7時10分 
I'm running GTX 690, no problems at all with any title
checked the latest drivers from the site...still crashing...
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