DIABLOX Dec 22, 2013 @ 11:52pm
How to get more trading cards without buying?
Is there any method to get more trading cards without spending money? Card drops are limited to 5 per puchase of a title as we know it. Do share. Thanks in advance.
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FF Dec 23, 2013 @ 12:58am 
You can trade them with other people If your steam gurd will let you go on comunity market.
The trades are free
Keirgrand Dec 23, 2013 @ 4:42pm 
You can trade. Another option: sell any card you have twice, and you can buy without charging money.
yeah you could do what that person said above me
Astrolibrarian™ Dec 23, 2013 @ 6:52pm 
There's many ways to get more cards...depends why you want more.

If you want badges, they COST $, doing nothing but raise Steam Level.
Cards are WORTH $, so 'destroying' them to make badges is like buying in-game items.
If you want $, more cards ain't necessarily better.
When cards are sold on the Market, the game's makers get a %, so does Steam.
Kerbal Space Program is a game i go out of my way to increase card values for.

Add high-level Steam Profiles & card collectors. They have more cards they don't want.
For EVERY card in a trade, i look at the link to market value graph.
Sounds nitpicky for pennies, but Steam makes it easy.
Steam Card Trading is basically a game itself, or a set of mini-games..

The Market is simple to manipulate AND predict...To put it simply:
You gamble on What People Will Do, same as Wall Street...random.
On the other hand, everyone loves vampires & Batman!
Most people want shiney cards to make badges for popular games...take advantage.
Ignore emoticons/backgrounds, & junk cards like McPixel.
Look for bright yellow Borderlands cards...buy at 15cents & you made a nickel.
If you let go of badges & games you 'like', it's easy to gain cards AND $.
If an awful game has a card with a Smiley Face, people will buy it.

There's not really a '5 card limit' as you say..
# of cards that drop for a game you own is HALF, rounded up, of game's total cards.
For example, Don't Starve has 5 cards total...you should get 3 if you buy & play it.
A game with 9 or 10 cards total drops 5.
It can take a short time, or long time, for cards to drop.
If you run a game, even the Menu, cards drop eventually
Steam said only 1 game drops cards at a time, so running 2 is pointless!

There's random 3-card Booster Packs too, you must log in once a week to be eligible.
...i got one for Surgery Simulator, which i hadn't played in months!
Getting Steam Level 10 increases drop chances by +10%
..Easy, even if you own only a few games.
Start w/free Community Ambassador badge =200 Steam XP
(At Steam Level 20, you get another +20%, but double XP to get there, not cheap.)

TRADE: If someone needs 1 card for a badge, they'll give you 2 for 1, or 1 card of higher value...Trade forums DO work.
Keep re-trading those cards for higher value OR greater numbers, sell cards worth 20cents or more...After 200 sales or so, Steam requires tax info, so selling fewer items for more $ is better.

Left 4 Dead 2 was free for a day, cards included. Prices dropped, but are normal again.
DOTA, Team Fortress, Spiral Knights etc, have their own item economies...Easy to get free hats in these games & trade/sell to people who want that crap...i don't think it's worthwhile to focus on in-game items, but they're useful.

CHEAP GAMES: See the list of 400-some games that drop cards.
Sort by prices, read reviews etc, & buy a couple games... = more cards.
Hotline Miami & Trine are decent cheap games w/cards.
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Astrolibrarian™ Dec 23, 2013 @ 6:58pm 
Originally posted by Keirgrand:
...sell any card you have twice, and you can buy without charging money.

What are you talking about? That doesn't even make sense.
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DIABLOX Dec 23, 2013 @ 7:19pm 
Originally posted by Hackey McNoobster:
Is there a 5 card limit? No, technically: There's random 3 card booster packs too.
...i got one today for Surgery Simulator, which i hadn't played in months!
(the only booster i've gotten, but i often spend weeks playing offline, so chance is lower)

As you can afford it, get to Steam Level 10 eventually.
Start with free Community Ambassador badge, easy 200 Steam XP
At Level 10, your chances get +10%
At Level 20, another +20%, double previous chance.

TRADES: Look for 2:1
If someone wants 1 card bad enough, maybe the last 1 for their badge, they may give you 2 they don't want...re-trade those cards for ones you want, or maybe even greater numbers.
Trade forums often work well.

DOTA: I see you already play!
Of all the games i play, DOTA gives the most free cards & tradables, just for playing.
Tons of players, many who want random junk drops.

BUY CHEAP GAMES: If you can find on Steam the complete list of games that drop cards, sort by prices, read reviews etc, & buy a couple games =more cards.
i'm looking at the Trine package:
$5-6 for Trine 1 & 2...Both drop cards. + a 3rd game that doesn't.

...If you get popular, constantly-updated games like Kerbal Space Program, Don't Starve, Garry's Mod, etc, the card/hat market's greater.

I just started trading this week & already getting more:

1 game of DOTA today, a player asked if i'd trade an Uncommon Morphling hat i dropped.
i said ok & was interested in 2 Uncommon Ogremagi hats he had, i'd take either 1...
But he gave me 2 Uncommons for my 1 Uncommon...i'd rather play Ogre anyway!

2 players asked for Terraria cards i had, including doubles, after i posted in that trade forum. For those i got Civilization cards...Easier badge, better game, haha.

Add high-level profiles & good DOTA players. Then you can see when each other has cards needed for badges. High-levs have more cards they don't want, so....2:1...??

Watch out for Emoticons, etc, often worth 0.
Whenever i'm offered a trade, i look at the tooltip for rarity & item type, then the link to market value graph. Sounds nitpicky for pennies, but Steam makes it easy to do in seconds.

I usually check everyone's inventory 1st too, you never know.

Wow.. thanks for all the details.. Really informative and I could put them to good use. Thanks a lot Mr Hackey.
In Team fortress 2 you can trade in game items for cards. (such as a scrap each) I started doing so and already have 3 badges in my alternate account.
Astrolibrarian™ Jan 12, 2014 @ 7:37pm 
Since you brought it up again, i edited my previous post w/tons more info.
I learned LOTS about Steam Trading this holiday season & wish i knew how to make a video guide, since most people don't know how it works...which is why it's so easy!
The most important thing:
Card value times # of Cards for Badge = Price of Badge
(..Badges have even less use than in-game items)
GABreezy Jan 13, 2014 @ 4:21am 
good idea. I will try some of ideas
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