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Orange Guise Dec 20, 2013 @ 12:18am
The Workshop of the Prodigal Engineer, Orange Guise
Greetin's partners. I figured since it's a slow day, I'd let y'all saunter through my workbench and check out some of my older schematics. Feel free to hang about.
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Orange Guise Dec 20, 2013 @ 12:19am 

While rattlin' through an old hound's workpapers, I found this design for a highly portable Miniature Dispenser. More curious than anything, I began rustling through the whether-dos and the why-fors, tryin' to determine the stature and mean worth of such a device, should it be adopted.

First off, such a small housing wouldn't be able to hold a very strong power source. I estimate its output at maybe half its larger cousin. There's also virtually no space for improvement on the device. And lastly, and maybe most importantly, I'm not confident this object could be built any more quickly than its larger cousin. Let's face it, Kepler connections only irradiate so fast. On the other hand, it certainly is smaller - meaning it might catch fewer bullets. I estimate its construction to only use up 65-70 Metal. And once built, you could lug such a lightweight device around easily, and it certainly would deploy much quicker than its big brother once constructed. ... And then it dawned on me - why, this device is so small, you might as well be able to build it *while carrying it!*

There was a catch, though. The lug nuts on such a miniscule contraption would require some very fine adjustment. I managed to assemble a crude jalopy of the device using a zip-tie and some bent paperclips at my testing bench, but for a field engineer to be able to construct and repair it quickly - or even better, to work on the contraption while on the move - one would need a special tool.

This is the Pocket Socket - a micro-oriented socket wrench specificially designed to operate with the Mini-Dispenser. While I can't necessarily speak of its combat efficiacy, it carries all the functionality of a standard Uhlman for the sake of building Sentries, but also can construct and refine the Mini-Dispenser, even while moving. I project that while preparing to construct a Mini-Dispenser, you would be able to *use the right mouse button instead* to start the construction right where ya walk, rather than deploy it. This would overclaim the obsoleted "rotation" function previously assigned to the right mouse button; such a small device, don't matter which way it faces.

While "Left Mouse button" would deploy the device normally, on "Right Mouse Button" the device would begin standard construction, but without deploying the device. Such a delicate machine would likely not benefit from the usual 'panicked whacking' and the busy engineer would be unable to switch weapons or really, do anything, until he got it done - but while carrying it, the construction gauge would gradually fill, until it was completed. At that point, the finished Mini-Dispenser could be recklessly lobbed behind a convenient rock, smack in the middle of the battlefield, and in a matter of seconds, start granting a small supply of ammo, metal and health to nearby teammates. Hot diggety!

POCKET SOCKET [Specifications]
Alt-Fire to construct while carrying

*note: combat properties unknown*
Orange Guise Dec 20, 2013 @ 12:19am 

On some of them smaller embattled combat situations, I find myself reluctant to construct Teleporters, knowin' full well that two good running leaps and you'd be standing neck-deep in hostile gun barrels. There doesn't seem to be a point to em'. Then, one day as luck would have it, I went through my Teleporter - only to find myself standing in the entrails of some unfortunate frenchman. Too bad, smoke-breath! But this got me to thinkin'. If instantaneous molecular depolarization could be used to some effective combat purpose, well heck, Teleporters might be useful on smaller maps again.

So I began to engineer a special version of the Teleporter. A unwitting enemy, upon stepping too close to the Teleporter, would have their molecular matrix fragmented and de-ionized violently. To improve on the design, the radius of the Ionization lattice needed to be enlarged; it was woefully small to be effective as it was. This proved to be quite tricky. But after multiple upgrades, I found it was possible to indeed increase the projection radius, at first to 1.5 times the original, and then to 2.3 times. Let's just call these Lv.2 and Lv.3 ... hmm. I guess the best name for it would be, Telefrag Trap. These traps would appear the usual blue to enemies, but would glow red to teammates, signaling no passage.

Upon 'telefragging' some unwitting hoss, the Matrix needed to recharge. Intentionally scrambling someone's molecular matrix draws a lot more power than I anticipated. Recharge time on a basic Telefrag trap was close to 18 seconds. I was able to get it down to 10, and then, 7 seconds, with standardized reconfigurement. Perhaps best of all, is the Automatic Spy Detection System. That gol-durned spy had been using a localized transciever to fool my teleporter for years... Well, I got my Telefrag trap tuned to its frequency. Whee-hee! I finally got one over on that frenchy. If he should set foot on my trap, thinkin' he's gettin' a free ride... he'll get a free ride to hell. He can still use his durned Sapper on it, while the trap is level 1 - but the level 2 and 3 traps have a big radius! He's gonna have trouble gettin' close enough to sap it without getting fragged by it!

But, uh, there is the issue of... well... bullets. Telefrag traps have shown through the power of laboratory testing to be extremely resilient versus battery - the assailant quite frequently dies by accident before the trap is destroyed. But bullets, rockets, bombs, flames, and various other destructive implements have proven quite useful in dismantling the trap. I'm gonna have to think carefully about where to place these babies. The good news is, I can at least place two of em'! The first is disguised as an entrance, and the second as an exit.

I bet I can outwit those dim-bulbed rocketheads with this in no time! To house these new blueprints, I designed a new version of the PDA called the "TDA", short for Telefragger Deployment Assistant. I can still use it to build Sentries and Dispensers, as well.

TDA [Specifications]
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