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STR8 JAK IT Joe Jan 19, 2014 @ 10:10pm
Mod Request: Stone Slinger
With the threat of giants on the horizon I was thinking of making a mod but found I can't even figure out how to start, even less how to script or animate it. So im gonna pin up my thoughts here in hopes that someone likes it enough to make.

For materials I was thinking maybe a pigskin combined with either 2 silk or rope. I was leaning more toward the silk, seeing as how this would be a ranged weapon i'd think it would be a bit harder to make. Built at the alchemy machine making it a little harder to get.

For durability I was thinking maybe 10 uses, losing 10% durability each stone launched, much like the boomerang. Not sure if ammo should survive the impact.

Damage wise I was thinking 50, half of a blowdart and a little less than double boomerang strike.

Final notes: Im aware theres a rock throwing mod but it seems a bit too OP for my tastes while this would take a bit of crafting and a item slot, making it a bit less so. Im still going to try and learn how to mod don't starve but im no where near capable of making this sort of mod now.

If anyone decides to take up this request you obviously have the rights to disregard any of my suggestions and make it as you see fit, also expect my gratitude in the mods comments.
Date Posted: Jan 19, 2014 @ 10:10pm
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