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yarheeguy Jan 14, 2014 @ 12:04pm
I character idea of ME!!!
hay lava blockers

if ya thinking of making a character then i got a idea for ya, ME

i want to play don't starve with the yarheeguy (aka me)

heres what i want for my stats
name: the annoying gamer
saying (below the name): "I can survive then any lava blocker in this nightmere."

health: 150
hunger: 200
stainly (or whatever): 180

killed easly by wasps-related cretures (because i am alurgic to wasps stings)
his special hoddie keeps him warm in any tempture
more he run he gets slower

i wear a zip blue hoddie, (not zip up) a tee, (chose what tee i can wear or a don't starve tee) black jogging bottems, purple, light bule shoes and black, fingerless gloves,

face appreal:
what normal hair looks like or common hair, hazle eyes.

say "alsome" instead of awesome, "ya" instead of "you", use the world YARHEE
if you look at my youtube videoes you may find what words i use

here is a link the picture and artwork of my drawing of yarheeguy

if ya want to know more about me, just look at my youtube videoes or my yarheeguy dota 2 announcer pack

the reason why i wanted any of ya to do this is because i wanted to do a don't starve lets play and i want to play as myself. also when i do my lets play i also will say that whoever do my idea their steam name and if ya made orther characters i will also say that he/she made some orther mods so more whould subcribe your mods.

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papi 🅱 Feb 10, 2014 @ 11:25am 
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