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Czyke Jan 13, 2014 @ 7:12pm
RPG Maker
I know this topic is very touchy on steam, but I just want to know the average opinion about it. I know there are games that are bad (if you look around in rpg's long enough you'll see a game called "The Adventure"). But IMO I think RPG maker shouldn't be hated so much on steam, I love those style of rpg games, but I think you should do heavy heavy artwork, your own music, a big story, and make it worth every penny, not something thrown together with stock images. Right now I'm working on a big RPG Maker RPG game, but I will not even look at steam Greenlight by how some people are like "Rpg maker? LOL no!" I know games like To The Moon got on here through greenlight. So the first question is, do you think RPG maker games should be able on steam if they are up to a good standard quality?
IMO I love those kind of old school RPG games and I'd gladly buy them, but no more than $5-$10, for a good RPG maker game, how much would you pay for on average for an RPG game?
(I know this part is getting a little off topic) I think of an RPG game, a turned taking battle, kinda like Earthbound or Final Fantasy, or some cool battles system but not a hack-and-slash. One reason I'm kinda supporting good rpg games is because I want to see more actual rpg games that aren't fast paced. So the final question is, are you getting tired of all the "RPG" games that have little to no rpg elements like older ones?
Please be respectful of other opinions, thanks!
Date Posted: Jan 13, 2014 @ 7:12pm
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