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Partymaster Jan 13, 2014 @ 5:10pm
A zombie game that should be made
Okkkk soooo out of all the zombie games that are our there they almost all mainly focus on you being a survivor of some sort and trying to survive a zombie outbreak or apocolypse of some sort. Why doesn't anyone make a damn zombie game where your the zombie.... I've only see it once and that was in Stubbs The Zombie. The concept and the game itself was fun and awesome because you were a zombie that just run around eating people and making a massive horde of zombies to wreak havoc on everyone in sight.

What I would kill to see and buy is a legit well made zombie game that doesn't feel dull or stupid or anything like that. Anyone else agree? A zombie game were your the zombie and you can run around biting people and infecting them making a bigger horde and completely wreck everything in numbers, I would definitely want to see that. Something like a massive open world sandbox zombie game that has a bunch of different towns, cities and etc. that you can just completely overrun with zombies or start the outbreak in and it can be adjusted to play in like 1st person, 3rd person and etc.

I think having a concept that is something like, when you start the game nobody notices anything because you haven't done anything(yet). But as you go around biting people or killing them people will notice but they won't thnk its that big of a deal because they might just think its random murders or muggins and etc. Then as you keep infecting more people and hospitals and everything start going to ♥♥♥♥ because people turn into zombies, the police come into effect and you can be tasked with wiping out the police and swat force. Then when you wipe them out the military will start taking effect evacuating people(if they can) and if you manage to kick their asses then everyone across the sandbox map will realise well were all screwd, better start fending for myself making everyone go into every man for themselves state not trusting anyone and turning the game into a type of DayZ, WarZ situation type game where cpu's create groups or go alone scavenging and raiding other people while your still out there finding them and attempting to overrun them. Anyone else think this idea would be kickass?

Basically a full blown zombie game where you play the zombie and there are different alert levels that the CPU'S take after you overcome each phase they try to enable and when it all fails thats when things turn into every man for themselves and all hope in humanity is sinking fast. There is basically no zombie game out there that allows you to be the zombie unless its in a game thats PVP based like left 4 dead or the multiplayer modes of resident evil 6 and etc. This type of game I think could go both ways too but there should be more focus on the zombie play type because honestly playing as zombies and causing destruction everywhere would just be fun. I think there should be a single player mode that allows you to choose between zombies and humans making it if your the zombies you spread the virus as fast as you can or in any way that you want technically and if you play as the humans you basically just survive as long as you possibly can choosing if you want to follow what the government tells you to do like evacuate, stay put and etc. or just go rambo and do whatever the hell you want( depending on the stage of infection, because if you go around shooting people up and taking everything when the zombie's barely have done anything, I think you'd just get arrested or your game would end pretty short).

I also think there should be a multiplayer with modes like humans vs zombies where you choose what side you want to play on and if your the humans, you try to gather what you can to survive or find the zombies and kill them before they completely screw you over by listening to news broadcasts and whats going on around themselves(because keep in mind if its a open world sandbox, you will have a ton of places to go to but that also means there are a ton of places the zombies can spawn and infect before you get to them) and there should also be modes like co-op zombie online which is basically the single player but you play with a bunch of different people as the zombies and they can help you spread the virus everywhere across the map and the more players there are the harder the playthrough will be. Also there can be a drop in system where depending on the phase of infection, players can drop in as the corresponding human that fits the phase, ex: phase 2(police interference) they can drop in as an officer or an alert human thats some-what armed, phase 3 (military intereference) they can drop in and play as an armed civilian or a military unit and etc. (this drop-in system should go with Humans vs Zombies. A drop in system for Co-op Zombies should just be the player drops in as a random zombie somewhere on the map to help the people that are already in the game).

Leave some comments and opinions on what you guys think, I think this could be awesome.

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Graeme Jan 13, 2014 @ 5:14pm 
How about we break this massive wall of text into paragraphs and points.
Partymaster Jan 13, 2014 @ 5:51pm 
Originally posted by Graeme- Coarse Gentleman:
How about we break this massive wall of text into paragraphs and points.
Gorlom[Swe] Jan 13, 2014 @ 5:52pm 
Have you looked at ray's the dead and zombie tychoon?
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Partymaster Jan 13, 2014 @ 6:14pm 
Originally posted by GorlomSwe:
Have you looked at ray's the dead and zombie tychoon?
I've looked at them but im talking about like a third person or first person depending on how you want to play zombie game, where you jsut spread the infection everywhere like crazy and try to wipe out humanity. I didn't mean it as an RTS type of game, I meant it as a game where its like an open world sandbox that is like left 4 dead+stubbs+ZombieU the zombie put together. where there is PVP and PVE. Not something like an overhead view of the game like an RTS and you click to tell things where to go, I meant like your a single zombie aka the master zombie and you go around biting/infecting people and making zombies to either run off and infect other area's or have them stick with you and completely overrun other area's with you.
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Skoardy Jan 13, 2014 @ 6:27pm 
I recall some game on Greenlight where the devs were feeling rather smug with themselves for coming up with the first game where you play as a zombie. I mentioned Stubbs and I think they deleted my comment. :)
Partymaster Jan 13, 2014 @ 6:42pm 
Originally posted by Skoardy:
I recall some game on Greenlight where the devs were feeling rather smug with themselves for coming up with the first game where you play as a zombie. I mentioned Stubbs and I think they deleted my comment. :)
Lmao dude Stubbs was an awesome Zombie game and thats exactly why I think there hsould be more zombie games out there that are like it but with a lot more too it and a lot more concepts
Lucso Jan 13, 2014 @ 7:01pm 
Theres a cool movie called Collin with that idea.
Partymaster Jan 13, 2014 @ 8:16pm 
Originally posted by Mendonça:
Theres a cool movie called Collin with that idea.
Just might watch that movie now lol.
ChaseP.Perry Jan 21, 2014 @ 9:33pm 
Although that is a good idea, I don't think it would sale much. Sales are what the developers are probably looking at the most. I agree though, it would be a cool game.
xEBx Dread Jan 22, 2014 @ 12:16am 
Yeah, but what about vampires? You could have sort of vampiresque zombie types and everything!
Gorlom[Swe] Jan 22, 2014 @ 2:39am 
Originally posted by Tranquil-Dread:
Yeah, but what about vampires? You could have sort of vampiresque zombie types and everything!
Wendigos is where it's at dogs!

/silly for the sake of silly.

Personally I'd be interested to see someone do a proper game with voodoo zombies. The enthralled living kind rather than the undead kind.
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AusSkiller Jan 22, 2014 @ 6:47am 
There's a fair few problems with that sort of game, the options of how you can make it fun are pretty limited with so you don't see that kind of game often. Many ideas seem like they would be awesome fun and often are, but usually they are also too short lived to make a whole game out of. With game design you can't get caught up with what is awesome, you have to think about what you could actually enjoy doing for 100 hours, and that's where awesome ideas tend to fall short, they are good the first few times but when done repeatedly as would happen over the course of a game they often just get tiresome and boring.

And that is the first problem with the idea, it would be a lot of fun for first few minutes, maybe even half an hour, but once there's enough other zombies it will end up being more frustrating than fun because you will be competing with other zombies to do the fun stuff like getting kills. You become less relevant to the game the more zombies there are because now they also doing the things that you should be doing and your actions have less affect on the game. This is why many other games end up as more of an RTS where you remain relevant because you can control all the other zombies so your actions still have a big affect on the game.

There's also the issue of what makes you so unique, since the player is still human and capable of higher levels of thought, the zombie they play as is going to be significantly smarter than any other zombie so you probably need to create some reason as to why that is. You also need some kind of character progression to reward the player which means the player will need to become much stronger than than a normal zombie and that also needs some kind of explaining. You can't really have a game where you play as an actual zombie as part of a horde, to make it fun you end up having to play as something more, as some kind of super-zombie. The only time you can really play as part of a horde as a normal zombie is where you aren't playing any kind of role which usually only works well in a multiplayer situation where your character doesn't matter and thus death doesn't need any kind of meaning, you can just respawn as another zombie when you die.

Another problem that is likely to come up if you are playing as a zombie is that zombies are very bland, they have no character and are very single minded, they want brains/flesh and not much else, players aren't going share that goal, they need a reason they can understand to be doing what they need to and a typical zombie just isn't going to be able provide that. Usually the player character in a game is given a much more human goal that the player will be able to share, like saving someone, getting revenge or perhaps just survival, achieving that goal is often the motivation that keeps the player going when the game isn't as exciting or fun and it also helps keep the player immersed in the game so it's an important thing to have which means there has to be something else different about the zombie you play that allows them to have a more human reason for doing what they do. Basically a good playable zombie isn't really going to be much of a zombie beyond the aesthetics and mechanics of a zombie, the zombie would essentially need to be a human character (that just happens to be a zombie) so that the human player can relate to it and play as the zombie more naturally.

Difficulty is another problem, take a look at almost anything with zombies, what's the kill/death ratio for the humans compared to the zombies? At the start of an outbreak it's very low, zombies have the element of surprise and can easily take out large numbers of people before anyone knows what's going on, but once the humans understand what is going on and arm up things shift drastically in favor of the humans, a single human can take out hundreds of zombies. At first this might seem like a good difficulty ramp but unfortunately it's not, the ramp is too steep and instead encourages different styles of play rather than just improving upon the same kind of play (unless you can be obscenely powerful like in Prototype, or the tank in L4D), and that means it's going to end up feeling like 2 different games depending on how far into it you are. At the start you are going to be running around in a frenzy biting whatever hapless idiot that you come across and building up the horde (which does sound like a lot of fun) but at some point the humans will be armed and the gameplay will shift from running around in a frenzy to sneaking around trying not to get killed and trying to find a way to take out humans without being noticed. Having two different types of gameplay usually leads to players preferring one type or the other so they will end up playing the way they don't prefer for half the game, and since people are much better at remembering the bad and not the good that does not bode well for a game that doesn't let them play the way they want half the time. It's like when a run and gun style first person shooter has a stealth section, except that the stealth section lasts half the game.

Having the game as an open world sandbox would also be a mistake, because of the way a zombie outbreak happens the most fun time to play a zombie is at the start, but in an open world sandbox that will only happen once and then that fun is gone. To make the most of the fun play you would likely need to start over in different areas which makes discrete levels a much better option, once you have played a level there's little fun left to be had there so there's no need for it to persist. An open world sandbox also introduces a lot of technical issues that would limit some of what could otherwise be done such as having a high population density in the play area.

An open world sandbox game also requires a lot of travel time, normally such games have vehicles, or other methods of fast travel to get around the map quickly, but it's much harder to create reasonable ways for a zombie to be able to do that, when was the last time you saw a zombie capable of driving a car? So it could be tricky to avoid horrendously boring 10 min walks to a destination no matter how well you design the world and how much railroad the player's heading.

Another problem with an open world sandbox for this kind of game is the time, is that most player expect a game to have 8+ hours of gameplay, and if the game has to last 8+ hours with a single outbreak then that outbreak is going to have to be very slow to progress which makes it hard to meaningfully reward the player and give them feedback on their progress. With discrete levels you can have the outbreak happen over a half hour to an hour period allowing the player to really see the progress they make as they turn all the humans into zombies, and with ~16 levels you can easily get the 8+ hours of play most people expect from a game.

The multiplayer also wouldn't work well in an open world sandbox, player density is very important for a good multiplayer game, and for it to be sufficient to work in a large open world area that means you need to have thousands of players on the server at once (not really possible for first/third person games that rely on fast and accurate player information), or you need to have much slower gameplay that is about rare chance encounters like in DayZ (though that would be very boring for zombies), or you need to have critical locations on the map similar to Planetside 2 that encourages all players to be in a small area of the map at the same time. The last option might work pretty well though, give the humans barricades they need to defend across the map that the zombies have to break through one by one before they can corner the humans and eat them, but it would be a radically different game to the single player you described. It's usually better just having much smaller levels to play multiplayer on, even GTA IV does that.

Just to be clear though I'm not saying it's a bad idea and that it shouldn't be done, I'm just saying that IMO more thought needs to go into it before it would make a good game and it will probably end up very different to what you currently envision, but that's the same for most game ideas.
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imaekgames Jan 24, 2014 @ 2:14pm 
Check out CubeZ..on Greenlight, hoping to make it into the next Lit play as a's not a hyper realistic zombie game like most are probably hoping for but our game features a "destroy the brain to kill" mechanic that you haven't seen in other zombie games..we started developing on a super low budget, but hopefully we can gain some more support and make the game we truely want to. Currently we have a Single Player wiht some very basic AI and a multiplayer Arena up to 16 players, but we're already working on our open world system with customization and planets..instead of super flat worlds, again like most games. We'll have small planets, big planets(that'll seem more flat) and low gravity planets, tall skyscrapers, and a lot of other features. At least checking out? voting up to see what we can do? Find us on Indiegogo too {LINK REMOVED}

Thanks and I hope you guys believe in what we're trying to accomplish :) it'll be a blast if you can give us the chance

We have about 5% of what we want to do with the game done. Most of our time lately has been trying to get the word out about our game. But we're actually getting back to 90% time to development now.

We're all about making an awesome game, not vaccuming money out of pockets.
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toftof Jan 25, 2014 @ 5:06am 
pas mal
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