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The Lion Well Jan 12 @ 1:43pm
Sora or Jack skellington?
Hey i was wondering if anyone could make a sora from kingdom hearts or jack skellington character for don't starve. It would be cool if all the stats were balanced. So if anyone can then please do :)
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deaththethird 1 Feb 7 @ 4:09pm 
hm. im new to modding, but i would enjoy making either, or both. keep an eye out the next couple days, im off work and am a bit inspired.
The Lion Well Feb 8 @ 7:51am 
Omg thanks dude ^.^
deaththethird 1 Feb 8 @ 8:39am 
i got an idea for jack. not "exactly" what you want, but i think it may be good. :)
The Lion Well Feb 9 @ 4:05am 
go for it, i mean i am easy with anything as long as its not under/over powered ^.^
deaththethird 1 Feb 9 @ 10:06am 
well, for the imidiate time, he will have wilson stats. just vbecause thats the default, and i wanna get it out soon. once i get more time to work on it, ill give him custom stats.
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