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ZcytheZ Jan 9 @ 12:27pm
I can not create my game
it tells me: failed to create game. it's kind of annoying because it have been telling me 2 days in a row and still not working.
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CLOUDthePANDA Jan 9 @ 12:30pm 
maybe banned?
ZcytheZ Jan 9 @ 12:31pm 
i can still join games and nothing is wrong
ZcytheZ Jan 9 @ 12:35pm 
on my new pc theres was some wrong with some buttons so now when we wen't and got a new pc, the same model but new pc, i can't create my own game anymore
xXSwAgGeRbOyXx Jan 9 @ 12:44pm 
dobro jutro
CLOUDthePANDA Jan 9 @ 1:06pm 
check files on steam? so right click then click properties then click verify?
maybe that will help
ZcytheZ Jan 10 @ 1:19am 
i have tried everything
i have deleted the game and reinstalled it
i have verifyied it to and nothing happened
i have made a backup and i deleted all data and put the backup on there.
Nothing is working :/
Vurucled Jan 17 @ 5:46pm 
1. Click "Property" from pop up menu for "Dungeon defenders"
2. In "General" tab, Click "Set Launch options"
3. Add "-tcp"
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Showing 1-7 of 7 comments
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