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Forever Young Dec 30, 2013 @ 4:17pm
Bored and good at mods?
Ok so I had an Idea for a short quest for a player home near riften.
As walking through Ivarstead you pass 2 gaurds
(Guard 1)
“I hear that the Patrols found something interesting. A skeleton”
(Guard 2)
“And where did they find that?”
(Guard 1)
“Just past Narfis House. No one’s gone near it though. There’s some sort of bear attacking anyone who gets close”
Quest objective
Defeat the bear
Investigate the skeleton
Upon going to Narfis house and facing it from the water, you’ll notice to the right some rocks have been moved. There is a cave bear standing in front of the rocks, Once defeated You can easily reach the rocks You’ll find a skeleton and its journal
(Entry 1)
Father is so angry at me! While he was working on the house I decided to climb a nearby tree. As I climbed I brought my old journal, so I may write and enjoy the scenery and view the going ons of the people who leave riften. While I sat in the tree I noticed a large hole where a branch used to be. I investigated and found it swarming with bees. I got stung in many places and mother had to use gold to buy from the new apothecary called Elegrims Elixirs so my stings could be treated. Now we have very little money left and I had to make this journal. I hope father finishes Homearys soon.
(Entry 2)
Father says I spend too much time studying plants and such and I should find a job working at the forge or as a guard. The Blacksmith, Jesper, Was happy to have an extra pair of hands. I now run errands and deliver finished pieces and work orders to people around town. I am also supposed to write down who I deliver to and when. Now my writing and reading shall help me in my job! I now earn 2 gold for every delivery I make, So long as I am fast and do not dawdle, and of course the tips I may earn
(Entry 3)
Today Father said I might quit my job if I wish, since the house is finished. I must admit the house is very grand. So I went and quit. I shall live happily from now on in a peaceful environment no? I suppose so. I have hidden the key to Homearys in the tree where I was stung by the bees. So if I get lost I may be able to get in
(Entry 4)
I grow bored of doing nothing all day and have signed up as a courier. The job is well enough but father flew into a rage, Making me leave all the quicker. My first job is to deliver a heavy sealed note to the Greybeards. I must first go to ivarstead then Climb the mountain. I shall have a long journey ahead
(Entry 5)
The wildside is beautiful and I can’t believe how vast the mountain is up close. Today I climbed very
Little, I am on an edge and a small alcove, sheltered from the rain. I believe I shall camp here on the way
Back down the mountain.
Quest Objectives
Find the key to Homearys.
Via traveling to riften near the west gate if you walk along the path to where the boarded up gate is You’ll notice a fallen tree and a house not faraway, which is locked, requiring a key to get in. Upon Looking At the tree more closely, you’ll find a key in a small chest, lying in a large hole in the fallen tree. You can then enter the house, which has a table near the front door with a deed on it for the house. The house is very large, but empty, and can be upgraded and staff hired by speaking to the Jarls steward
500 gold
Kitchen & Dining room
500 gold
Bedrooms (Bedrooms {duh} but your own bedroom and 3 other bedrooms for children and steward.)
600 gold
Servants quarters (Just like bedrooms but for your soon to be servants)
400 gold
Stables with a horse and another stall if you already own a horse)
600 gold
Green house
500 gold
Alchemy station and Enchanting station
700 gold
Fighting room (Archery targets ext, + Mannequins and display cases)
600 gold
Shrine (With shrines to all Aedra)
600 gold
(Any other rooms you can think of add on to this list)
300 gold
1000 gold
900 gold
(Steward is someone who can be your follower, simply go up to them and ask them to be your steward)
1100 gold
(Again anything else and you can just add)
Just want someone to make this mod!

Date Posted: Dec 30, 2013 @ 4:17pm
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