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Skyback Dec 30, 2013 @ 9:55am
Crashing in NS2 Loading Screens
Ok i'm pretty sure im not the only one having this issue.I mean this is jsut ridiculous.90% of the time I can't get past the loading screen when i join a server without crashing from a "Fatal Error".I'm sure the Developers are working very hard to solve this but what I don't understand is what could have caused this?I have heard that if you turn your graphics down (seemingly by a significant ammount)then you MIGHT just be able to get past that gosh darn precaching and join the server.*Note you will inevitably crash when the server loads the next map even if it's the same map.I hope the Devs see this if they are not working on it already(i'm sure they are :D).And last but not least Happy Holidays Everybody!Hope you got the presents you wanted maybe a xbox one,ps4,or maybe that box of condoms you wanted for your girlfriend *winkie face whatever you got I hope you enjoy it and have a happy holiday.
-Nicholas Parsons(skyback)