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The_Atm May 7 @ 4:02pm
question about Last Airbender mod
So I subscribed to the Avatar: Last Airbender mod but the game crashes when it loads, i'm assuming it's because I have G&K as well as BNW and it's only made for G&K. So my question is A: Is there going to be a BNW version soon, and if not can someone make one

and B: is there anyway to still play it even though I have BNW? sorry I'm new to the modding scene so I'm sorry if these are painfuly obvious answers.
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dabeastlybeast 8 May 7 @ 5:17pm 
Not sure about the first question, you might want to post on the mod page itself. However, to answer your second question, you would need to disable BNW before you start the mod. To do this, you would click on DLC on the main menu and uncheck BNW.
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